On April 25th For Greater Glory Movie showing at St. Paul’s

Pope Francis message of unity by Bishop Tony Palmer

Stars for Heros

Star for Heroes from Sheffield Audio/Video Production on Vimeo.

Our Founder - Fr. Michael McGivney

The One-Flesh Union

The law written on our hearts can help us to understand the nature of marriage

The preparatory document for October’s Vatican synod on the family asks what vision of the human person lies behind the natural law understanding of marriage. To help us think about this issue, we might first ask what natural law is.

The Gospel of Life According to Pope Francis

Pope Francis kisses a child

Throughout his ministry as archbishop and pope, the Holy Father has issued a clarion call to affirm life. by Columbia staff


Stuffed with Strength

MBA graduate's Courage Lion Program brings comfort and courage to thousands of hospitalized children

David Robinson lies in a hospital bed in Charlottesville, Va., 250 miles away from most of the things he loves—his home, his brother and sister, his friends.

‘Zaching’ continues to inspire, while founder in hospice care

January 28, 2014 By Maria Wiering
It was one photo, somewhat grainy, of a teenager in a hospital bed, his cotton gown open at the chest, arms raised and fists clenched in a strongman pose.
His expression is pure determination.
It was January 2012 when Zachary Lederer’s father took that photo of him. Zach had just come out of surgery to resect a brain tumor and hoped to encourage concerned friends and family. It was posted online and shared. Someone added, in reference to quarterback Tim Tebow’s widely mimicked genuflecting pose, “Tebowing is out, Zaching is in.”

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