Pope's Universal Prayer Intention for October 2015
The Pope's Evangelical Prayer Intention for October 2015
John Renzi - July 2015 Knight of the Month
Sydd Souza - August 2015 Knight of the Month
Boy Scout 8/6/15 Donation To Resurrection Council #11341
GK Rob Edrington and family meeting Archbishop of Baltimore William E. Lori after the Knights of Columbus Mass at St. John Neuman Church in Annapolis



9/12 & 9/13
Long Gate Safeway
10/3 & 10/4
Enchanted Forest Safeway
10/17 & 10/18
Clark's Ace Hardware
10/24 & 10/25
All Masses Church of the Resurrection


Five federal judges rebuke court:

don’t tell the Little Sisters how to be Catholic.

Why is Christianity growing so quickly in mainland China?

Christianity is spreading rapidly in China, and it could be because of how well the faith fits in with modern scientific technology.

Pro-Life Movement Gains a New App-titude

Digital media is rapidly advancing, but the right-to-life movement has only started to get in the game.

Knights of Columbus Unveil New Campaign to Aid Middle-East Christians

Christians in the Middle East are facing a dire situation … while the response from the international community has been woefully inadequate,’ said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

Walk with Pope Francis

Catholics in Washington, D.C. are hoping a new charity pledge will go viral like last year’s “Ice Bucket Challenge,” but there’s a new twist – this pledge is for Pope Francis.

“The 'Walk with Francis' Pledge offers people the opportunity to demonstrate solidarity with the Holy Father and answer his call to bring Christ's love, mercy and hope to others, especially those on the margins of society,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. said on Wednesday.

Prayer for the Year of Consecrated Life

O God, throughout the ages you have called women and men to pursue lives of perfect charity through the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience. During this Year of Consecrated Life, we give you thanks for these courageous witnesses of Faith and models of inspiration. Their pursuit of holy lives teaches us to make a more perfect offer- ing of ourselves to you. Continue to enrich your Church by calling forth sons and daugh- ters who, having found the pearl of great price, treasure the Kingdom of Heaven above all things. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

From pain-capable to no tax-payer funding for abortion

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
To many pro-life advocates, the delay is what one activist called "a slap in the face." House leadership had promised that a vote on H.R. 36, which would make it illegal to abort a baby that can feel pain, would coincide with the annual March for Life.

500 and Counting

The Ultrasound Initiative has delivered more than 500 machines in 50 U.S. states — and has helped save countless lives
by Andrew J. Matt
On Nov. 2, 2014, when the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns received a new portable ultrasound machine to assist with its lifesaving work, it was a milestone event: the 500th time an ultrasound machine was funded through the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative.Read full article at http://www.kofc.org/un/en/columbia/detail/500-counting.html

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