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Jim Coolahan February 2016 Knight of the Month
Pope on justice and mercy
The Pope's Evangelical Prayer Intention for February 2016
Charlie Zielinski and John Nudelman are presenting a $500 check to our Council

Welcome to Resurrection Council #11341

Physician Assisted Suicide Officially Returns to Maryland

This is the same bill that puts patients and families at risk in several ways, and ignores the root of the problem that is the need to expand on existing treatment resources for end-of-life care.

Why is Christianity growing so quickly in mainland China?

Christianity is spreading rapidly in China, and it could be because of how well the faith fits in with modern scientific technology.

Pro-Life Movement Gains a New App-titude

Digital media is rapidly advancing, but the right-to-life movement has only started to get in the game.

Knights of Columbus Unveil New Campaign to Aid Middle-East Christians

Christians in the Middle East are facing a dire situation … while the response from the international community has been woefully inadequate,’ said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

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